Riding a bicycle in the snow

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Riding a bicycle in the snow

If you are true lover of this sport, then winter conditions won’t represent any problem for you. Little snow can even make thing more interesting and turn your ride into an adventure. You should keep in mind few things that will make your riding easier.

Put some warm clothes

If you are underdressed, or if you are overdressed, you will get sweaty or you will freeze. The factor that will influence the most on your feeling of cold is wind. If you use bike as a transportation to work, then there is not a bad idea to buy some wind stopper clothes that you can put over your suit, coat or sweater.

Fat-Tire-Snow-bikingUse proper signalization

In the winter, the dark falls quicker, and will be more likely that you will be going to work by dark and when you are coming back from work in the afternoon there will be dark too. Besides that, even during the day is not bad to keep lights turned on, because drivers in that period of time quit sensing the presence of cyclists in traffic. That can be extremely dangerous, but with a use of proper signalization any further accidents can be avoided.

You should have sound signalizations as well. This doesn’t mean that you need to have speaker on your bike, but it would be good to have one or two bells. Bells and other parts of the bike now to fail in winter, due to low temperature. Number of pedestrians on cycling tracks is growing and number of bicycles is decreasing, so it not bad to have one bell to warn them on your movement.

Put some fenders on your bike. Especially during the winter when the soil is wet and covered with snow a mud, if you don’t have fenders, your clothes will get dirty and that’s not very good, if you are going to work, where you must look professionally.

Lubricate the chain regularly! Salt and mud are what the chain of the bike does not like, and try at least once a month to put some oil on the chain so it wouldn’t go rusty. Also, if you can, wash your bike at least once during the winter and at the start of the spring season. Also, it does not hurt a bit if you lubricate the cables of the brakes and transmissions, it will certainly extend their life, and braking and shifting will go easier. Any oil for sewing machines or slightly mechanical oil will do the job.

Remember – the higher the exposure to harsh elements, the more you have to take care of your bike!

Low down the pressure in your tires! A lower tire pressure provides bigger surface of the tires and greater stability of the bike, especially in the snow. Of course, this can affect the speed, but it is certainly a good idea in the winter to drive a little slower due to the poor visibility of cyclists.

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Important things about bicycles

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Important things about bicycles

The manufacturer of bicycles X’s the best-or is it?
Short summary: if on the frame writes X, that does not mean that everything else is just perfect. See the equipment on the bike and you will know what type of bicycle is about. Scott has a carbon models that cost ten thousand euros, but that does not mean that the bike that says SCOTT  is 3x better (as is already 3x more expensive) than models of less renowned manufacturers with the same equipment.


I can only tell you the bikes you should always avoid – at any cost:

– All bikes that are sold in universal stores or chains of sports equipment
– all bikes that are sold by shopping centers .These are (with the exception of some models of Nakamura) all models that can pass because they are junk!
– All bikes that are sold in stores with less than 5 exhibited models (and which usually sell also some tools for on and around the home) – and the same models, probably at a lower price, you can find in a large store of bicycles and equipment.
– All bikes that have 18 speeds. The minimum speed is 21 (3 × 7) – not because of the number of speed, but because at this level bicycles are having  some kind of quality materials, while everything below is coming from poor Chinese shops. Better yet, if you take a bike with 24 speeds (3 × 8) or 27-speed (3 × 9), you will not make a mistake because this level of equipment is still manufactured in normal factories.

0219f74664591f892f424a8adfe3b78e– The bikes with a steel frame (bring a magnet  to check if is there any steel in the frame ). A good new steel frame costs more than it would occur to you to give to a very good new bike. Everything else is a Chinese shop.


So what bike to buy?

You rarely get direct responds, and at the end you finish tricked – I bought it and it’s not what I wanted  !

008fcf45a50c7541f16254aa98b58a56First thing; whether new or used bike you want to buy, you will not make a mistake if you buy used bike. Why? The market is small, there are only a few sellers of serious bikes (two of which are manufacturers and own brands – Polar (Planet Bike) and Capriolo. More information you can find at the fixed gear bike site.

I need to look at the range of prices in consider taking the more expensive half. When you see how this money and what equipment you get for that money … used bikes become more logical choice. If you continue to target the new – take more money than you wanted to date.

The best (and the most expensive) way is to make your own bike – starting from scratch but you can usually make your own combination  by changing the parts of equipment that has been already on the bike but it was already fiddling around for people who know very well what do they want and why.

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How to choose the right bicycle for you?

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How to choose the right bicycle for you?

If you intend to buy a new bicycle you must decide why do you need it and what purpose you are going to use it for. For casual rides and once in a while rides, you don’t need to invest more than a 300 dollars, or you can even buy used one, but if you want to use it for a recreation and you want to spend more time on it, then it is best to choose high-quality bike that will have better performance and the one that will give you enjoyable ride.


Our advice would be:

don’t buy the one that is too cheap, because you will spend large amount of money and time on its repair.

There are few types of bikes that could narrow your choice: road bike, mountain bike, city bike, hybrid bike, downhill bike and BMX bike, every one of them has it purpose and it is designed for different styles of riding.
Road bike: characteristics of this bicycle are that it is specially designed for people who professionally practice bicycling and they drive it exclusively on flat surface. This bike has thin tires which are blown to 9 bars and wheel diameter is 28”. Front – wheel drive has bigger diameter which allows thin tires greater speed with less invested power. Steering wheel has curved shape, like the horns of the ram, which allows better aerodynamics.

151230142559-julien-absalon-bike-2011-exlarge-169are the onesthat are most popular among the riders. The diameter of the wheel is 26” and front wheel should have buffer installed, but some of them have it on both wheels. These bikes can be found almost in every store that sells bikes, but be aware, almost of 80% of these bicycles aren’t real, because for mountain bike you will need seriously strong machine that can hold great impact of increasable terrain and you can’t buy it for 200 dollars like some shops offer.

City bike: this type of bicycle is less present in the shops and on the streets and it is intended for the people who manage some task around the city or use it for work as a transportation. These bikes have lighter frame and they are more enjoyable for the ride than others. The diameter of its wheels is 26” and it usually has one gear with three speeds, which makes it more simple than other. Of course, there are different types like three gears with seven, eight and nine speeds.
Hybrid bike: this bike is a mixture of bicycles and there is no rule how it will look like – these bikes are intended for people who want to be different from others, for city rides and for rides on flat surfaces. Their structure can be: they have frame used from road bike but they have flat steering wheel.

Downhill bike: these bicycles are made for extreme rides and for the cruelest terrain that you can possibly imagine; they have very quality buffers on both wheels and they are extremely expensive.

s412745302367073027_p1_i1_w300BMX bicycle: this is so called American trend, they are well known and they are intended for city ride. Riders use them for skate parks and ramps, for jumping obstacles and jumping on the edge of the stairs. If you like this kind of riding, then BMX is the right choice for you.

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How much is the stationary bicycle useful?

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How much is the stationary bicycle useful?


There are lot of questions regarding this subject, for example: can stationary bike help you shape up your body and can it help you lose some weight? Some people are very skeptical and avoid using this equipment for exercises because they think they will have better effect if they ride regular bike. But lately this type of exercise has gain extreme popularity.

Training on a stationary bike is one the most popular ways to get fitter and lose some weight and the best thing is, you can do the exercises in the comfort of your home. stationary-bike-300x207So if you have some similar machine like this, then you don’t have to worry about the weather outside, or whether you will arrive to a fitness center on time. The purpose of the training on a stationary bike can be different: whether you want to lose weight or strengthen your legs and muscles. Muscle groups that are affected by these type of exercises are mainly thighs and calves.

One of the benefits of training on a stationary bike is that you can monitor your heart rate and adjusting it in order to improve fat loss. When doing this on a regular bicycle, you would have to manually track the pulse or to buy a heart rate meter.

After you determine the appropriate heart rate (HR) and melting of fat starts in your body, you can increase the intensity of workout so that you synchronize it with your heart rhythm.

Stationary bicycles are very useful for people who have problems with their knees and back. Given that most of the weight of the body is on the seat of bicycle the stress on the knees is lesser. It is therefore important that the seat is very comfortable, especially during the time of longer training.

Stationary bicycles are very useful for people who have problems with their knees and back. Given that most of the weight of the body is on the seat of bicycle the stress on the knees is lesser. It is therefore important that the seat is very comfortable, especially during the time of longer training.
A very good way to reduce overweight is to combine stationary bike with any other exercise, for example: with an exercise to build muscle. Cardio training of low intensity, which can work on a stationary bike, is ideal for weight loss but it is necessary to allow the body to melt fat and after training. That is a very good thing if the fat could be turned into muscles. Muscles melt enough calories, so if you have more muscle you will have less fat.

4-minute training should increase your metabolism within next 31 hours after training.

17031This training is usually provided for a special type of bicycles called Airdyne. This bike is characterized by the fact that the steering wheel can be moved back and forth with hands. But even if you have a conventional bicycle, you will definitely feel the effect!

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Inflating the bike tires – advice

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Inflating the bike tires – advice

Front tires

In emergency braking, the front tire can carry the same weight like the rear one – at least temporarily. Therefore, the front tire should not be a lot softer than the rear one.

However, during normal driving, the rear wheel carries more weight. On the road bike, where the driver bends forward, load distribution front -back point is 45% – 55%. In urban bike on which you are sitting almost upright, the ratio is closer to 30% – 70%, because of the front tire that can be a little softer than the last, not harder.

Overall, the front tire can be inflated to the pressure of about 10% lower than the determined optimum pressure for the rear tire. Aggressive driving with a lot of strain on the front wheel, the front can be inflated to the same pressure as the last. For a more relaxed driving, or for city bikes, the front tires can be inflated to a pressure that is about 20% lower than the pressure of back tires. Pressure under this pressure increases the risk of puncture, or bumps that cause less control.

What if the tires inflate to the pressure of higher than optimal?

山车冬天轮胎-37807184The ride will be noticeably uncomfortable because the tires will not alleviate the bumps – even the slightest bump will seem as you have fallen into the deep hole. You don’t want to feel this probably so watch out. The bike will bounce because the wheels are too hard to follow ground contours. The energy invested in pedaling to move forward portion will be spent to move up and down. This will speed up on the flat and uphill surface for the same effort expended, while on the downhill sections will remain about the same.

On extremely flat surface, especially on the flat, one can get a little speed compared to the optimum pressure, especially if the tires are of poor quality.

Blowing Rear tire pressure over 5% higher than the optimal hardly makes any sense. It also does not make sense to blow the front tires through the optimal pressure set for the last – this is the maximum that makes sense for the front tire.

What if the tires inflate to the pressure lower than optimal?

For the same efforts, the bike will go slower on the flat surfaces, and on inclines.

On extremely uneven terrain (very bad asphalt, or gravel or unpaved roads, as well as the snow), the ride will be somehow more comfortable. If the tires are wide enough to avoid the “snakebite” drilling, run at a lower pressure is a good idea to bad roads.

Adhesion on rough road (and uphill on a bad road) will be somewhat better and faster.

Nevertheless, even in case of poor substrates, there is a limit. In the rear tires should be some 30% below the optimum pressure for the last established. In front, up to 35% of pressure established as optimal for the back tire.

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4 Things You Should Know When Buying A Bicycle

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4 Things You Should Know When Buying A Bicycle

Are you thinking about buying a new bicycle? If you are, you have come to the right place. There are certain things that you should know before buying a bicycle. In addition to that, there are also certain things that you should go through before buying one, such as thinking about what you really need and how much money you are willing to spend. In order to help you find the best deal for your next bicycle, I have devised this list that will help you get the best bicycle for you. Make sure that you read the following list and hopefully it will help you make a good purchase.

1. Brands Don’t Really Matter


Some people wrongly believe that brands matter. When it comes to bicycles, in my opinion, brands don’t really matter. Yes there are certain brand names that somehow managed to equal quality, but that doesn’t mean that you will find a bicycle that meets all your needs and desires. In addition to that, there are numerous bicycles that are custom made precisely because a certain brand, and the manufacturer that makes millions of bicycles each year, cannot fulfill all your needs and desires and requests that you have for your next bicycle. That being said, there is also the financial aspect to the story. You should determine how much money you are willing to spend, and what your bicycle needs to have, and then simply look at bicycles made by different manufacturers that fulfill all these requirements.

2. Personal Preferences Is What Matter

As it has been previously mentioned, brand name may suggest certain amount of quality, but it is not what matters the most. What matters the most are your personal desires and preferences. Before you head out to search for your bicycle you must determine the purpose you will use it for, and what it has to have in order for you to be able to use it the way you envisioned. Once you have your preferences in order, it is easy to head out and eliminate the bicycles that do not meet your initial requirements.


3. Take It For A Test Ride

Once you choose a couple of bicycles that you think would be suitable, make sure that you take them for a test ride. During the test ride you will be able to determine whether this bicycle is suitable for you. Not only that you will get the feel, but you will also be able to determine how the bicycle would behave while you use it. Make sure that you will make all the movements that you would normally make while riding your bicycle. This is the best way for you to determine whether this bicycle is suitable for you.

4. Try To Get The Best Price

The majority of bike shops do not necessarily like to haggle with the potential buyers; however, you may ask them for a discount, or whether they expect to organize a sale any time soon. In addition to that, you can also visit a couple of different bike shops in order to make sure that you have found the bike you wanted at the most affordable price.

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